Typical Xenos Soldier Sangheli Race

The Xenos Confederacy is an Alliance of Alien races that stretches across the universe.  They are united by a comman cause and religion.  They deeply revere the Alfar, but this reverance should not be mistaken for worship. The humans of Penguoin are also a member race.


According to the most ancient legends, there was once a powerful benevolent race known as the Alfar(see below in the Faith Section).  They were loved by all peoples of the universe for their kindness and generosity.  The pinicle of Alfar civilization was Leothrorlerverine (The city of Galactic Light), and it was considered by many to be the economic, cultural, and political center of the universe.

But, an evil was brooding in the dark places of the universe.  Jorsogg the Corruptor, greatest calamity of all time, waited paitently for the Alfar to let their guard down.  And once he saw his chance, he struck.  The entire city was destroyed and ravaged, and Jorsogg relished in his victory.  But not for long.

The Peoples of the Universe, enraged, teamed up to destroy Jorsogg.  After 30 years of devistating war, Jorsogg was killed, and justice was served.  The aliens remained in an alliance, and the Xenos Confederacy was born

For the past 300 Million years, we've dedicated ourselves to destroying evil werever it raises it's ugly head, and we will continue to pursue this goal.

In 2452, the Humans of Penguoin also joined the Confederacy.  They act as Axillary units, and usually act independantly of the main confederation.

A Human Chaplain praying with a SPARTAN Super Soldier


Billions of years ago, there was nothing but the Holy Light. Out of his infinite love and compassion, The Holy Light created the universe, and he meant for it to be perfect.  He then created the Stars to help him light his universe, and provide warmth to all his creatures.  But one star turned evil, and rebeled against the Holy Light.  The Star was named Jorsogg (roughly, "Black Sun"), and it dedicated itself to destroying the universe the Holy Light loved so much.

Out of the light of the Stars came the Alfar, who built a majestic civilization.  While the Alfar are still around, the attacks of Jorsogg weakened them substantualy.  The Alfar are revered by the Confederacy, and outsiders usaully think we worship them.

Alfar in full body Armor.